The Sunday Standard: Saudamini's latest series

Saudamini Mishra was born to be a painter. Little did she know that her post-graduate degree in history would not come to much use and her talent for creative writing and playing the violin along with painting would sky rocket. She has most recently completed her latest works that are up for sale at her studio in Jorbagh (215, ground floor). She best describes herself as a painter, illustrator and sculptor who actively dreams about achieving much more than her capacity; for she thinks that is true. “The magic of my latest works hides under the veneer we know as mundane. Each painting is an expression of generic reality rather than of an isolated experience, which really aims to establish a bond of empathy with the viewer. That way, they can readily relate their vision derived from a common sense of reality,” says the 24-year-old artist. Much to everybody’s surprise, she is a self-taught painter. That comes as a huge surprise when you see her work. Inspired by a plethora of emotions and her immediate environment, she presents in her work, influences from her everyday observations. “Whether it’s the ubiquitous visuals one comes  across in the narrow lanes  of the metropolis or universal themes of time and money, my paintings capture the layman’s perspective—of impressions and desires. These include daily street scenes, Indian traditions and everyday items of use,” she says. She has been contributing her paintings to independent galleries and art-lovers across the globe. She keeps busy with several individual and group art shows through the city. Of course, commissioned work comes by very often too. Along with her latest collection of works, she is also compiling ideas for her another solo exhibitions in Delhi and Australia. “Some of my recent exhibitions include a display of pottery and sculpture at the Osho Art Gallery and a series of paintings at Santushti Shopping Arcade. Each experience is different and contributes to my skill so I strive to do as much as I can, making each year better than the last,” she says.