About Me

I am a twenty-four year old, self-taugh painter from New Delhi. After having completed my graduation (in history honours) from Delhi univeristy, I began my tryst with art and have been painting since then, in the studio I have at home. I also sculpt and have participated in a group exhibition of the same in 2011. Apart from group shows, I have been doing commission work and plan to have solo exhibitions soon in Delhi and Australia.

My oeuvre is composed of images that appeal to my instinct. Being greatly inspired by the Indian socio-cultural milieu, I render impressions of the same, hyper-realistically , a technique that, to my mind, being based on the finest detailing, unravels the magic that hides under the veneer we know as “mundane”. Whether its the ubiquitous visuals one comes across in the narrow lanes of the metropolis or universal themes of time and money, my paintings attempt to communicate a layman’s perspective-his impressions or desires, regarding the current socio-cultural scenario.

Each painting expresses a generic reality rather than an isolated experience. What I aim for is to establish a bond of empathy with the viewer, wherein he/she can readily relate to my vision derived from a common sense of reality.

this is me